Please Upgrade VS Code (publish branch)

Anyone else getting this error when publishing to GitHub? I’m using the latest WPILib release ( Release WPILib 2022.4.1 Release · wpilibsuite/allwpilib (

I would try using Git in the command line to push since I doubt there’s going to be a stable WPILib release supporting a new version of VSCode before next season. If you prefer VSCode’s interface, I don’t think anything would stop you from doing your development in WPILib’s VSCode and then opening the project folder in a newer version after committing just to push.

Git command line does work. Was experimenting with manually upgrading VS Code, but haven’t tried to deploy code on a bot and see if it runs. Try at your own risk.

This is as far as I have been able get to, and doubt I will have any more time to invest in this.

Shutdown VS Code.
Rename C:\Users\Public\wpilib\2022\vscode to C:\Users\Public\wpilib\2022\vscode.old
Download the latest VScode .ZIP file.
Extract it to c:\windows\users\Public\wpilib\2022\vscode
COPY c:\windows\users\Public\wpilib\2022\vscode.old\data directory to C:\Users\Public\wpilib\2022\vscode
Run VS Code. You might need to clone your repository again.

Compile your code, deploy it and see if it works.

I don’t think there will be either.


This happened to me too since the WPILIB’s vscode is 1.64(IIRC), so l choose to download the latest one from Microsoft.

You can actually have the whole WPILib extension running in your own install of VSCode. The first way to do it is to install your own (non-wpilib) install of VSCode and then in the WPILib installer there should be an option to use that and install WPILib into that install of VSCode. The second way is to copy the WPILib extension folder from the WPILib VSCode’s extensions folder (I don’t know exactly where it is on windows, I use a mac for development) and then paste that into the microsoft VSCode’s extensions folder.

If you do this, keep in mind that intellisense may be broken.

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Oh is that why… lol
My intellisense is normally very scuffed with VSCode so I didn’t think that this was why it didn’t work with WPILib.
Thanks for the info!

If I use the official WPILib installer and use my own install of VSCode, will that also break intellisense?

The official installer won’t let you use your own copy of vs code. It will only install into its own copy that it installs.

Ah I misunderstood what the “select existing VSCode Zip for offline install on this computer” meant lol

That button specifically pairs with the download for all os buttons, that way you can do the install fully offline.

You can just download the zip file for the latest version of vscode and copy paste the contents into the vscode folder in the wpilib install folder. It’ll overwrite whatever files it needs to and so far everything has worked just fine for me, been using that trick forever and its never broken wpilib or intellisense etc.

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I think I found how to “solve the problem”, if you install the GitHub Desktop app ( you can see your “WPILib VS Code” codes, log in and it lets you see your github repositories, then, from there you can upload your codes, and it also automatically links your github repository to the “WPILib VS Code”, in my case I had to publish the repository again, I hope you don’t have to do the same.

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