Please Volunteer to work events NOW

Volunteer coordinators are working hard to recruit for Regional events. Please help them by Volunteering NOW. Don’t delay. If not YOU then recruit parents or other adults involved with teams or from work to help at the competitions.

Specifically-- Scorers are hard to find because of the requirement to be available for all 3 days of competition like referees. Each regional needs 5 minimum. The task is straightforward and not demanding but for the time commitment and age requirement. Please help us find the volunteers that can do this job.

More Specifically-- Del Mar (week1) and San Diego (week2) Regionals NEED to fill all scorer and some referee positions. Please help us find these people.

Sign up under the VOLUNTEER tab of your Dashboard. Help newbies navigate the FIRST website to find the event they can volunteer for. PM me for further details.

Please make your events happen by making sure that there are enough volunteers to run a smooth event–Thanks.


Scorer is a pretty sweet gig. You’re on your feet, but you are standing field side with the refs. You’ll have a much better view that I will. I mostly get to see the back of the head ref and the FTA.

I got some friends that are interested, but this right here keeps them from doing it.


That and missing more school :confused:

Ya I’ve always been confused about that rule too, since being an alum of frc (out of high school and a sophomore in college) I’m keen to volunteer, but I’m 18 so :roll_eyes:

I would sign up anyways. But, what I would do is something like this:

Volunteer for the slot(s) you want, if you think you fit the requirements other than age, and “Assign as Needed”. There is, if I recall correctly, a place to put a message to the VC–in that place, note that you know there’s a potential age issue, but you are in such-and-such college as of such-and-such date, proof available on request, and you would appreciate it if the VC would see if there was anything they could do. There are things the VCs may be able to do, given the information needed to do them.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll get any slots that way this year. But it will likely cause you to be remembered when you sign up next year for the same role, and possibly you’ll be able to slide in this year. Also, the “Assign as Needed”–if you show up and do what you’re assigned to do–will help build your volunteer record so that the VCs are more comfortable doing things like put you in the role you really want.


In line with this, there are some VCs that may disagree with the age rule (as-written) and are willing to “ignore” certain aspects of it. I don’t condone lying/cheating, but being 18 instead of 19 (especially if you’re a month or two away from your birthday) is a poor reason to turn someone away.


I tried signing up to ref a few days before kickoff, but have yet to hear back from a VC. My application is still listed as pending, is this normal? I’ve never reffed before, but I know there are some trainings/test/etc. I’m not sure when those happen, but competition season keeps getting closer.

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Contact the VC. Thru the volunteer signup area, or thru the email that you likely had when you signed up. Some VCs like to wait to assign. Also, Its OK to have a conversation/interview. if you are new to the event or Job. Or, if you sere “sponsored” by someone else, have them talk with the VC. If you are done waiting contact the VC and let them know. Thanks for volunteering. Please remember that VCs are volunteers too.

Many volunteer assignments aren’t set until the month or so before the event. Key volunteers (Head Ref, LRI, CSA, FTAA, etc) are often assigned far in advance (sometimes prior to kickoff). I would suggest patience at this point, though @Big_Ideas suggestions of contacting the VC would definitely be the next step.

Head Ref training and testing is going on now. Refs will start next week:

  • Feb 05 - Release Certification to Referees
  • Feb 20 - Week 1-3 Referees to be completed with certification
  • Mar 13 - Week 4+ Referees to be completed with certification

I did try the Message the Coordinator on the on the pending application a while ago as well, but hadn’t heard anything. I just realized the VC is listed on the regional website, so I emailed him directly. Thanks for the advice.

Gary, thanks for that schedule info. I had no idea when all of this happened, and was worried I was already missing it.

And if you’re in the Orange County area, or L.A. area, I hear the VCs are looking for the same sort of thing that Del Mar and San Diego are looking for (Week 1, Week 3, Week 4 for OC, LA North, and LA). That is, a few good volunteers.

Volunteers that can be there for all three days are exceptionally important–not having to retrain all the field reset crew makes the operation of the field MUCH smoother, for example.

I signed up for Rock City over the weekend, heard back in ~24 hours in e-mail from “do not reply” at firstinspires. Nothing official in firstinspires (yet) for Bayou, but I have received direct e-mail.