Plexi-Glass walls

This might have been asked and answered and i missed it. so i am just looking for a quick answer rather than spending hours serching the archives. A yes or no will do fine. I heard that we are allowed to interact with only one of the plexi glass walls on the ramp at a single point in time. Is this true?

Yes that is true that you can only interact with 1

…at a time (in case someone comes along and thinks they are only allowed to touch one wall, ever, adn thats it)

this is so no one holds on to both sides and breaks the walls (which are probably hard to replace) when they get rammed by power house bots

Yeah that would be bad.

Uh actually as an extension of the first question asked, what if one of your arms is touching one wall, but the other is touching another robot that is bracing itself against the other wall? Is this legal until the field becomes damaged??

Yo no se

being in contact with anything that is in contact with the other wall constitues contact with the wall.


haha, if you think of it that way… I’m probably touching both walls from my house right now in Cincinnati.

umm, I hope the ramp walls are NOT made out of plexi, at Sussex we destroyed two sections of the double plexi walls. . . . .

I’m fairly certain they are made from Lexan. As such, it will take quite a bit of force to break them.

Perhaps someone from the Technokats (or another team with a regulation field) would be better able to answer…

Yes the walls are made out of Lexan. That is what was used at the UTC scrimmage and that field was an actual field to be used at competitions. SO it was pretty much a test dummy field for FIRST. And as far as I know the walls didn’t break fut those alluminum bars took a serious beating in part from RAGE.:yikes: