Plowie Wallpaper

His name is Dozer!

This just made me think… If dozer makes a return appearance next year, (we can all dream, right?) do we start calling him “zombie dozer”? “Must… Eat… RoboRios!”

I know right! That would be fantastic!

yes, but (AKA Plowie) too.

nopers! Dozer or nothin’ :wink:

To quote the Great and Mighty Dave Lavery…

That explains why the animation wasn’t up to the usual standards last year.

The OP sent Dozer into a sulk, so he wouldn’t come out to play.

:rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t what’s worse, calling cylinders pistons or calling Dozer Plowie.

Did no one notice the Woodie Flowers wallpaper? I know what my new screen saver is going to be.

I feel like this is relevant

That’s awesome! Who made it?

I know right? Pretty sweet!

That would be yours truly. :cool: I do a bit of graphic design in my spare time

FYI, The FIRST Logo wallpaper on the site is in violation of FIRST’s Branding and Design Standards guide, specifically page 11’s rules about changing colors and putting atop distracting backgrounds.

When it was posted to the FRC subreddit, I discussed these violations with the original artist.

Also, it’s Dozer, not Plowie :stuck_out_tongue:

Guys guys guys…


I did a quick Google search, and it looks like the name “Plowie” has only been around since 2012 (at least on this forum). “Dozer”'s first mention was in 2010, and is the official name apparently.

“Bots Before Thots” is now my wallpaper lol.

Both of those names far predate the dates you found in that search.

Anyone else secretly hope to see Dozer in that “other robot competition”]( is scheduled to be televised again June 21…

There was a competitor several years ago that looked an awful lot like Dozer. I thought maybe it was taking FRC Kick-off off in order to get pumped up to compete…

Dont even get me started about battlebots. All I can say is Son of Whyatchi better return with the show.