pls help us

We are the ninjas #4744 from Israel. we won the first place in the competition in our country. We are now going to Einstein.
Now we are trying to ask for help from other groups to give us a cart for our robot or a driver station for the competition days. After that we bring back to your pit.
Maybe you can help us and give us a cart for our robot or driver station?
After all this is the spirit of first. PLS HELP US!

Tnx you so much :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hey Yossi,

Congrats on the win in Isreal. Our team should be bringing another cart with us that could be used for your robot during competition. However, I am unsure whether we are bringing it or if the team will need the cart. Let me look into it later today and I will be able to say yes or no then.

Otherwise, can you specify what you need from a Driver Station?
Do you need a laptop?
Does it need a second monitor?
Teams might be more willing to help you out if you specify what you need from a driver station.

Again, I will double check with my team about the cart and if all goes well I will see you at Champs!

Let’s keep this thread in one place to eliminate confusion.