PLTW Project: Don't You Hate It When...

Hey guys, this is Dakota, Saftey Captain for 2560. Im in an engineering design class and i need your help!! just complete the sentence “Dont you hate it when…” i need ideas for something to innovate! TY FOR THE HELP!

ill start. Dont you hate it when people on your team cant hear you talk during competition.

so just post situations that you hate to deal with. ill get back if its promising!!

Added for clarification:

Hey Guys. if i can make a bit of a change to what i was saying, id like for you to give me engineeriing things, or inconveniences in every day life. life your seal in your car not being the right shape, or your coffee cup spilling when you turn. things like that. all though i do love the robotics stuff im dreaming of kickoff!! Thanks again for ALL the help and suggestions!!!

Oh, and BTW. if we meet you guys during competitions we will report some gracious professionalism to the heads. this is a big help!

Sounds like Project Lead The Way Engineering Design and Development.

Sorry, I can’t give you any ideas. I’ve got students of my own who will be doing this same activity today!

Good luck!! You’ve come to the right place for ideas.

Don’t you just hate it when somebody doesn’t read the requirements (and the updates/clarifications of the requirements)?

Don’t you hate it when tools are not in their correct spots?

…when people don’t read the getting started manual when they are getting started

Don’t you hate when the electrical team skips over the wire size section of the manual.

… the “indestructable” pieces (such as the power switch) breaks as you’re heading to a match. (Couldn’t break at a point when it could actually be fixed, no no no …)

Amen to that! Last year we spent over an hour in our robot design session discussing pulling moon rocks out of a trailer, and even when it was shown to be illegal there were some more similar suggestions.

when you spend an hour and a half designing where the electronics and battery are going and another team member comes up and says no, because these supports are going there, you spend 2 more hours redesigning it and when you report back to that person he says “i thought of the time you spent designing that and i changed the support design so… you’re good with the original design”.

All i could do was laugh… after i yelled WHAT!!! :smiley:

Don’t you hate it when you can’t find the droids you’re looking for?

(but seriously…)

Don’t you hate it when someone downloads code and then puts the robot out for a match without testing it - no matter how simple the change seemingly was?

Dont you hate it when you are told you can’t test code and you just have to put the robot out no matter how seemingly simple the change is?

Check out

Don’t you hate it when…

…you have to queue, and the drive team is nowhere to be found.
…you don’t have a part that you need.
…when you show up to competition and realize you forgot the trailer hitch.
…when 10 people show up to meetings, but 30 people show to competitions.
…when it hails…during competition…and that brings down field comms.

Have Fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

when… People wont put on their safety glasses??? ::ouch::
when… you cant find ANY of the 10 5/32 allen wrenches???:mad:
when… your friends complain that you talk about your team too much :stuck_out_tongue:
when… they complain after you talk about ANOTHER team too much… :smiley:
when… There is free time after robotics and you cant figure out what to do…::safety::


when your robot goes out on the field at Championship with a mix mash of bumpers and fabrics only to find out when you go the pits that they left them in the crate.

Don’t you hate it when…
-People claim not to know anything about upcoming team functions and/or meetings because they don’t check the team forums :mad:
-You test a conveyor system two days before a competition and one of the PVC rollers snaps clean in half!
Love the thread idea. I totally can see this becoming one of those timeless ones!

…bumpers come off in the middle of a match, even though you double and triple checked them before queuing
…people assume that all robot-builders are geeky boys who sit in a dark basement playing COD5 all day
…parts don’t fit together because of a .001 inch difference
…mis-communications lead to one and a half week’s worth of work having to be re-done in three days

I second that.

A few non-robotics ones…
…you get mosquito bites in the most awkward-to-scratch-places
…websites pester you with constant weight-loss ads
Don’t you REALLY hate it when girls claim that Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen is their future or current boyfriend? :mad: (I mean, COME ON, robots are MUCH sexier)

Don’t you hate it when…
…your software team loves the camera and decides to put in code to override the drivers during a match if it locks onto a trailer. Lucky though the lighting is messed up and they forget about that code they wrote. Then suddenly they magically get the correct lighting and that code initializes… skyneting you??

That was the best!!! One full match… 100% autonomous…

Oh! I have another…

Don’t you hate it when…
…When your told to quickly go out on the field at nationals to drive practice matches, you get down there to realize you missed it. Ask to fill in another match… Luckily the field had an empty spot… in that EXACT match your robot was in, but on the opposite alliance. You get ready for that match hearing that your not allowed to play unless your fully inspected… and they wont let you play even though it’s your original match…

I can’t wait to read what everyone else has. This is a very clever thread… humorous.

Don’t you just hate it when you were just at Kettering Kickoff and had to program in your robot radio WPA key but then you have a demo for the school board of a rookie FRC school in your area a few days later but you forgot about the stupid need to remove WPA security for the radio so it will work with your router but then you also realize that you had the WPA security from IRI set in your router and didn’t have enough time to remove that before the demo started so we had to skip the robot demo and show videos instead but it was all good in the end because we fixed the problem while the board continued with their meeting and ended up demonstrating the robot anyway and several business leaders were in attendance by chance and are now interested in sponsoring the team so even though WPA keys suck the NEOFRA team representatives in attendance still accomplished their mission?

when… no more buttons can fit onto your clothing at competitions?
when… people assume that they can’t join robotics because they “aren’t smart enough”?
when… you already have other commitments and can’t go to a build meeting, or any robotics meeting for that matter?