PLTW Website Partnership

Hello, My name is Greg and I am the webmaster of our school districts PLTW engineering program. My school district is looking for a partnership between us and 2 other Project Lead The Way schools. We have a complete on-line forum, similar to the CD forums. Your PLTW program does not need to have a website, we are just looking to expand our knowledge, by having more people on the forums. We have seen that the on-line forums seem to work very well for us. Run this idea past your PLTW teacher, and see what they think. I also will host assignments, student works, etc. for the teacher if they would like.

If your PLTW school is interested in becoming a part of the GAVIT PLTW community, please e-mail me at [email protected]


-Greg The Great
(Webmaster of GAVIT PLTW homepage)