Plug for the big yellow ball

Does anyone know what we are supposed to use to plug up the big yellow ball after we blow it up? Was this one of the things that they forgot to put in our kit?

Hmmmm - we were missing the plug as well; I was ready to blame the students for losing it. Anybody else not get a plug?

This ball is similar to the one from 2001 - I think we still have the ball and hopefully the plug; it’s a long narrow piece of white plastic.

I don’t know if we got a plug (since we blew up our 2001 ball) but we are using a bolt in that and it is working quite well.

We did. There was a plug and a air nozzle in a small clear plastic bag.

Team 217 as well did not recieve a plug for the large ball.

We did not recieve our plug. We had to use on from a excersise ball we had at my house.

We have not located ours yet. And as of Saturday afternoon, 1135 could not find theirs either.

THATS WHAT THAT $@#$@#$@#$@# THING WAS!!! lol, thank you, we were checking in our kit this afternoon and we could not figure out what the hell that thing was
thanks guys,
just fax FIRST by friday and you can get anything you need, god, we have tons of stuff we’re missing

No plug for us. We’re using a plug from our 2000 balls.

Make sure to recheck ur kits because we found it, its a small plastic cone shaped thingamajig if i am correct, we didnt realize what it was at first, but now that i think of it, i believe that is what it looks like.

DUCT TAPE!!! A Huge X works wonders!

JP- my borther, another duct tape application

Duct tape fixes EVERYTHING…

…and what duct tape can’t handle, zip ties will.


No plug here either!!

A golf tee worked for us.

We located ours last night. The big ball was in one big bag.

The small ball was in another bag and inside that bag was a plug and a nozzle.
The small balls do not require a plug like in 2001!

Before contacting FIRST please look in the small ball bag :slight_smile:

Team 11 has no plug :frowning:

Our ball didn’t come with a plug, either. The plugs from the 2000 balls works, though. That’s what we’re using at the moment.

Team 1022 could not find their plug we used wet paper and duct tape. :yikes: it worked very well!

our team does not have a plug. it was really funny because one of our freshmen blew up the ball (with the air from his lungs because i didnt have a pump at my house) and then we couldnt find the plug. we used duct tape and air leaked, so the ball deflated, but he was really lightheaded for the rest of the meeting.

i have searched the kits again and all of the small bags and still didnt find it. how do i notify FIRST of this (because it isnt on the list of KOP to check (or not check) off )??