Plugging Solenoid

Where do we wire the solenoid? Thanks for the help.

cRio solenoid module, slot 7 or 8. If you run out of spaces there, you can use Spike relays.

I encourage you to read the control system manual. Your question is answered there.

how do i wire the solenoid to the pins

There should be two wires, red and black. Red goes to +, black goes to -. Take the 2-pin cables from the kit (like the 3-pin PWM cables but with only 2 pins) and connect them from the solenoid to the solenoid breakout board on the cRio. Depending on what connectors your solenoid has, you might have to cut the 2-pin cable in half and solder it to the leads of your solenoid.

TY that helped alot we are noob electricians