hey are we allowed to use any plugins that we want whn we work on the design competition?
I have a wealth of plugins that i want 2 use.
I recomend for every1 out there to look up:
ivy generator- awsome plants
Vray - if you are willing to fork up some cash, it is awsome!
afterburn- also expensive but awsome results

I’m sorry I can’t be decisive but I’m ALMOST sure you are allowed to use anything you want, as long as you are the one who does the work.

good luck! you sound like a real contender!


I’m sorry but that was not the correct answer. You are NOT allowed to use other programs other than Autodesk programs to make your animation. (Yes your are technically not allowed to use photoshop) You are only allowed to use 3ds max or inventor to make your models. And you can use combustion to composite your animation. (Or any other autodesk software) I don’t know about plugins.

I say go nuts, I view plugins as tools to help you in the process of making your animation. I’ve seen teams use Greeble before.

So my opinion: Yes you can use plugins

I’m just really concerned if Vray is allowed :\

yeah i proally wont use vray.
but they really cant tell if im using the other plugins.
so i might use them but it depends.

well here is my philosophy. You know how 3ds max takes a while to boot up the first time you start it after you turn your computer on? Its loading all the numerous plugins that come with 3ds max. Mental ray used to be a separate plugin that you had to get for max, but now it is incorporated with the package. So why not add to the fine collection of plugins? Who knows, maybe the next release of max will incorporate Greeble or V-ray in with the package.

Your still using 3ds max to create your animaiton. Like a robotics team with access to a CNC machine compared to a team without one. The Robotics with with the CNC machine can make very complex and precise parts for their robot, but just like the team without one, they still have to use the motors and the hardware that came with the kit of parts. With plugins, you have an advantage with some useful tools that some other teams may not have, but you still are limited by only using 3ds max and other autodesk software to make your product. Plus you have to know how to use the plugins correctly. There are no amount of plugins that can save you from an animation team that really knows what they are doing, and they have a really well done animation.

Hey does any1 have any good free plugins to recomend?
I have a few for any1 else.

Texporter - alows you to save uv maps with set amount of pixels. it is very easy to use and it helps alot out with texturing.
Greeble - awsome modifier used to add futureistic surface detail and can be used to make citys
crazy bump - makes fast good bump maps, normal maps and fake occlusion maps out of pictures