Plush Robots Infest the Moe Workshop


Baaaww! :smiley: Props to whoever made that, it’s adorable.

Thank you! I made him myself, Im amazed my fingertips are not completely gone now XD

Great job!

On an unrelated note, I see the old bridge on that robot. I guess you shipped the new radio?

See you at Philly!

That robot is last year’s robot, used for demonstrations now.

Now it all makes sense! slaps forehead

That was one heck of a robot. You guys really put on a good show at the Philadelphia regional last year (it was my team’s rookie year and you guys are one of the teams we try to emulate) and I’m sure I can look forward to another great competition with you guys. Good luck!

Aww thank you! MOEmentum was my favorite bot so far (mostly because he’s easy to draw and sew) We love it when we can inspire people <3 I also had a pic of him on our practice bots claw/gripper/roller thing, but the comparison between the actual bot vs the plush was irresistible…

Im sorry… Im the quirky one…

And you guys did awesome at the regional today hug

Thanks! The regional was quite frustrating. One problem after another, but we got through it. What’s quite funny is that on day 1 of qualifiers, we were seeded 9th overall, and we hadn’t (and wouldn’t) scored a single point. Just goes to show how rankings aren’t always the best thing to go by.

Congrats on the win!

Thanks! But you shouldn’t be congratulating MOE, our poor bot died right when we needed her to work the best, I was honestly crying over it, I thought that we wher goners :frowning: You should be more impressed with the alliance, they proved they didint need a ‘powerhouse’ team to win, we just supplied the mini-bots. The last three matches just blew me away, such spirit on both sides. I think Dean was impressed, everything he wanted FIRST to be was in that twenty minuets.

I’d imagine that Dean was very impressed! Unrelated note: we got him to sign our classmate! Now it’s not just a crappy computer! It’s a crappy computer with Dean Kamen’s signature on it!:stuck_out_tongue:

Lol! I got the stuffed moe-bot sighed too!

Well with Deans magic signature it has probably upgraded to Watson intelligence… Oh no, your robot is going to take over the world! hides

You guys should put the little green blob that takes over peoples minds in futurama, NOW THAT would be cool.

Well considering the team and first as a whole has taken over my mind, that is all too appropriate.