Plywood and 2x4 Cutting Diagrams for Field Elements

Hi all,

In the event you want to build all (or some) of the field elements using the FIRST supplied drawings, I have prepared a cutting diagram.

You can ungroup the individual sheets and rearrange the parts to build just what you need.

Hope that helps.


I am missing the specs on the “spring?” for the lift - is there a guide to the hardware for the field elements anywhere? Thanks for the cutting diagrams.

OMG! Thank you so much. For the past 3 years my team has decided to build at least half the field so that we can practice. This is so helpful!!!

Thank you so much!

The spring is: cut to 9".

Assembly instructions are here:

Thank you so much for assembling this, it will help reduce waste a bunch!

The Peg Lift peg size is missing also. No specs on it

The peg lift peg is on page 9 of this document TE-17002-05

Please remember to refer to the official drawings for anything that may be missing or you have questions on.

You’re very welcome. Putting the components together today we noticed that I left one part off the diagram It was for the “human” loading station. Part #1, if I recall. I included one, but there should be two. Everything else worked out great!


Do you have a link to the barb piece that goes on the end of the spring?

FWIW, we generated a master bill of materials to help with getting the raw materials procured for making the team field elements. No guarantees on its correctness, but it was helpful for us.

It should be in the FIRST drawings. Last page of the lift drawing, as I recall.


How do I use the layouts drawn in blue and red to determine the exact number of pieces of plywood required to build the field elements? It appears only the 3/4" plywood is identified in the blue drawing. Are the red drawings all 1/2" plywood?

If you compare the item numbers written in Jason’s CAD file with the FIRST-provided 2017 Team Version Drawings, you should be able to figure it out.

Correct. You’ll note the layers are named for the material… Green is on the 2x4 layer, blue on the 3/4" layer and red is the 1/2" layer. If you check out the FIRST supplied drawings (see above post) then you’ll get a full inventory of the parts. The FIRST drawings, however, don’t give you the parts in a useful fashion for determining how much wood you need or how to slice it.

I recommend numbering each part as you cut it. Refer back to FIRST’s drawings for details on the parts with holes or angle cuts. Note that the hole cut out of the top of the boiler is re-used to make the touch bracket at the top of the rope.

It took two of us about five hours in a well-equipped wood shop to slice up all the parts, and a couple hours for teams of students to assemble them.

Again, if you only want some of the elements, you can ungroup the various sheets and rearrange the pieces to get only those you want.

I also expect that you’ll be able to recreate functionally identical elements using alternate methods…