Plywood question

At my local Lowes the only plywood available in 3/4 inch thickness is birch, instead of regular cheap plywood. The sizes of regular plywood are odd like 15/32 and such. What did everyone else use, is one of the oddball sizes ok?

We use 18mm baltic birch. Its the metric equivalent to 3/4" plywood and much stronger

The rules say 3/4" plywood. A team asked if they could combine a 1/2" and a 1/4" piece. GDC said no, even though it would be 3/4" thick.

If Lowe’s doesn’t have cheap 3/4" ply, try the other hardware/lumber stores in town. Failing that, go with the birch.

Most construction plywood that is nominally 3/4" is actually 23/32. You should ask on the official Q&A, but I seriously doubt you would have a problem with either 23/32" or 18mm.

We too are using 18mm Russian Baltic Birch, and it is fantastic. It has about 13 plys, and is very strong.

what exactly is this plywood for?
I don;t remember there being a rule against using certain thicknesses of plywood :expressionless:
last year, our team used 1/4 inch luon on our controll board…nobody said anything


Yeah I think that’s what I’ll do. 23/32 is what they have. The birch is about 2x the price.