Plz help with codec

What codec did everyone use? I know there is another thread about it but I didnt see that one end in a general consensus about what compression was the best. I just tried encoding it with Cinepak and Indeo, and both sucked majorly. What compressor do they want with Quicktime? I’m using premiere, after I select that I want a quicktime in the general rollout, It also needs a compressor, so what should I use for that?

We used indeo 5.1 in premiere and it worked just fine


You might want to rethink that divx codec. Some other people posted emails from FIRST about this topic (I’m pretty sure it was in one of the updates too) that said they wanted it in Cinepak, Quicktime and some other one, Indeo I guess. I’m not sure what we’re going with yet.

Im submitting on Mpeg-4 for quicktime…looks really sweet (its 75 megs, but its all good :wink: )

aaahh…I see my problem. I accidentally picted version 3.2 of Indeo, thats why it sucked so bad. Well, I compiled it with v5.1 and it looks much better. Thanks!

Our largest problem with codecs is that no matter what quality it is encoded at (we are experimenting with different Quicktime codecs) the video appears to stutter from time to time. This looks like a performance issue (in other words, the frames are actually there, but PC does not have to time to decode them) but i believe my machine should not have much problems with playing the files in real time. (its a 1.4 ghz athlon with 768mb pc133). Even reducing the quality to 50% at 500kbit/s in sorenson3 produces noticeable stutters. Can anyone give an advice on a high quality codec with fast decoding performance?
Any help would be really appreciated.

We’ve been rendering uncompressed (as you all should ) and then creating a final output in QuickTime using SORENSON 3 - It playsback fine for us. I do a lot of tests with half resolution (320x240) to make sure all looks fine. But the final will be the 640x480 and will be 100% Compresion quality.

These files should have some trouble playing, they are not designed to be played on a standard pc. These files are designed to go to a video edit system, then to tape or to be furtuer compressed for CD or DVD or Web Streaming. To test it you can try a VideoCD of your file un less you have a DVD burner. It should play better that way (but not sure).

I always work in uncompressed formats for work or I use the Avid Codec at a 2:1 setting- This is a great Codec because you can download it for free and use it with AVI or Quicktime formats. It CAN’T be used for the competition because it a D1 Video Format (which is 720x486) this format uses non-square pixels and is a standard video format for high end edit systems. You can use it on other projects and save a ton of space w/o using any real quality(at 2:1) at any noncompressed codec setting you will lose nothing. Other compressions will lose quality and will get worse the more you compostie and rerender (a process I use all the time)