PM - how do I read them?

I’m sure that I’m missing something very simple… but I cannot find out how to read my private messages. I see the list of messages in the “inbox” and “submitted”, but I can’t click on the message to see the specific text of the message.



The list on top is a list of reciepts from messages you have sent others. If you scroll down past those, you will see your private messages.

vb2 had receipts hidden away in a separate folder, I think. Not sure why they’re up top in vb3. I erased mine and then it seemed to make more sense.

And speaking of private messages …

Scroll down to the very bottom left corner. You can export your messages to a variety of formats. Neat, eh?

Thanks, Brandon… I understand now. I really like the “export” feature, since we can only save up to 100 PM’s and many are worth saving.

Andy B.

Oh, I did bump it up to 250 PM’s… I think.

Eventually, when things settle down, I will be implementing some “bonus-feature promotions”. You will get extra features (more PM space, etc) based on your reputation score. People will get rewards for positive participation in the community.