Pneumatic Actuator CAD Library

I’m proud to announce that I just added Pneumatics to MKCad! In working to organize and nicely all of these CADs (so many so quickly that I got banned from Mcmaster- I thought it might be nice to release the organized .SLDPRT folder as well! Here is a Grabcad library of all of the Mcmaster non-metric Double acting round bore actuators as well as a bunch of fittings, rod ends, and the common Vexpro Pancake cylinder. All of these parts are nicely organized and set with part names, part numbers, colors and material properties.

For those that are curious or missed my first post, MKCad is a comprehensive FRC COTS parts library native to Onshape! Here is the original thread:

Thanks to Brian Machado and Devin Keeney for their help putting this together!

Neat :cool:

Thank you for the Christmas present