pneumatic actuator for storage tank

Is it legal to use an actuator as a storage tank? :confused:


<R102> Teams are not allowed to remove or adjust the 125-psi set relief valve attached to the
compressor. Only use the Thomas Industries compressor and up to four Clippard
Instruments air storage tanks identical to those provided in the Kit can be used to compress
and store air on the ROBOT.
Extraneous lengths of pneumatic tubing can not be used to
increase the storage capacity of the air storage system.

Take that as you will. Anyways you would only be able to store air at 60psi because a actuator would have to be downstream of a pressure regulator.

You would also have to run it through a solenoid, and have your exhausts hooked back into the pneumatics system. Just be glad they’re letting teams use 4 tanks this year … 2 is not enough.

I must admit that I haven’t had time to check out the pnuematics rules for this year. But in previous years this has been explicitly prohibited. Unless they made a change to the rules, which I doubt, it is not legal.