Pneumatic air reservoir

Anyone know if/where you can buy these push in ends for the air reservoirs we seem to be missing one and I cant find a spot online to buy them.

You can just push in a 1/4" pneumatic hose

I think he means that the little plastic thing that wiggles came out of one of the air canisters. The thing you push on to release a hose.

Yes we are missing the push in piece to pull it on and out

do you mean this

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I think hes talking about the little white “fitting” (I don’t know the proper term for them) that a pneumatic tubing pushes into.

I’ve seen those things break off/just pop out before.

We have looked pretty hard to find a seller as well as contacted supplies to no avail. At this point we just bite the bullet and buy a new tank or steal one from an old an tired tank if need be (although this is not advisable and could lead to leaks).

Perhaps one of the LRI’s like @JonStratis can comment on whether or not this would be considered a modification of a pneumatic component.

The fittings are integral to the tank. Replacing those fittings or repairing tanks is not one of the allowed modifications to pneumatic devices. Dump it and move on.

Especially given that plastic tanks create shrapnel when they blow, and inserting a new fitting manually stresses the tank, sometimes inducing weakness which results in explosive failure. The white plastic tanks with replaceable fittings were outlawed a few years ago for just this reason.