Pneumatic air tank: what's the name of the airtube securing clip located used to secure air tubes in place?

We accidentally disconnected an air tube from an air tank while it was still pressurized. This caused an enormous gust of wind to shoot from the disconnected airtank terminal and it blew out a small white plastic air tube lock. Below is a picture of the un-damaged airtank side:

And below is the damaged terminal side (notice how the white, plastic airtube securing clip is missing):

Does anyone now the name of the small, missing securing clip? We may end up having to replace the entire airtank if we can’t replace the clip.

Thanks in advace!

This has been asked about 3 times already within the past week. The answer is you can’t buy extras of those and if my you make your own, it’s modification of a pneumatic device making it illegal.


You must replace the tank. You can’t perform service of any kind on a pneumatic component like this, both for rules and for safety reasons.


Don’t worry, you can still use this part on your robot! Pull the other clip, insert a shaft, and use it as an intake roller or a control panel spinner. You can even paint it now if you like. :stuck_out_tongue:


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