Pneumatic assistance

We need help. We have turned everywhere and no one has been able to help us. The compressor comes on but none of the solenoids are working. We have had the code checked out and that is fine. How do we test it? We bought a new PCM and put it in, it has changed nothing. Thanks!

Are you specifying the PCM ID in the code? Our team had a similar problem but we weren’t specifying a PCM ID.

Is your PCM connected with CAN wires properly?

Are you correctly opening and setting values for the solenoids?
Are your solenoids single or double, as that will change what values you need to send to them for them to trigger.

Is your PCM set to the same voltage that your solenoids are?

Do your solenoids work if you trigger them manually?

Are you powering the working part of the system with over 30 psi?
Some valves need this to work.

Are you giving the valves the correct voltage?
There are 12v and 24v valves.

Are you sending pressure to one or both sides of the cylinder?
Try testing with tubing connected to both extend and retract sides of the cylinder.

Install manual dump valves and use these to verify that air is getting to the valve ports.

There is an input and an output side to most valves. Find the valve part number and look up the part to verify.

You can always call that valve’s distributor, for info about the valve.

A complete set of pictures of how you’re wired and plumbed would help.

I suggest adding a pressure valve close to the inlet of a valve to ensure that you have pilot pressure. Due to some strange plumbing, on our first iteration, once we made the initial switch from initial to “gameplay” configuration, we were dumping air so fast that we lost pilot pressure.

Watch all of your diagnostic lights (most solenoid valves have these) to see if the solenoids are getting the signal; this will tell you if your problem is on the electrical side or pneumatic side.

Some solenoid valves have polarized inputs. Reverse voltage will usually not damage them, but they won’t function. Check this out. (IIRC, we have at least one solenoid valve which, if wired backwards, will light the LED but not actuate the valve; seems really strange, but there it is.)

Try the manual switch buttons/levers (most solenoid valves have these). This will also help you figure out whether you have an electrical or pneumatic side problem. (If things work with the manual, it’s almost certainly electrical; if they don’t, it’s almost certainly pneumatic.)

Divide the problem into code vs electrical/pneumatic.

Correct code: The PCM individual solenoid LEDs light up red when your code functions, and the lights are properly matched, e.g., one side of a double solenoid is off while the opposing side is on, then your code is operating properly. Get this working first.

You may want to check that you are not overloading the PCM. If you are using too many valves at 12 volts with to high an amperage, you can replace them with a 24 volt and a lower amperage that will do the same thing but not overload the PCM. Running on either 12 or 24 volts you need to also make sure that all of the solenoids are that same voltage. We had a problem with this on our robot.