pneumatic confusions someone from FIRST please respond

ok so we are still a little confused about pneumatics in the rules. First Robotics says that 7 pneumatcs can be used. now with the 4 custom ones we can order and the one that is in the kit that = 5 pneumatics. The confustion is where can we get the other 2 pneumatics? :confused: This is a serious issue for us because the pneumatics are essential to our strategy. PLEASE LET US KNOW!

Try to put a note on the yahoo group board that FIRST is using to respond to question. Good luck, that and check to see if there is anything to clarify it in the updates.

I’m not from FIRST but t190… hopefully my answers ok :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe they are referring to the 2 accumulators. They said you could have 7 “cylinders”, not necessarily ones with pistons that perform functions other than holding air.

we did put a note on yahoo and they keep saying 7 and in answer to the rest of the problem they haven’t said anything

in responce to colleen if that is the case then is is legel to replavce the storage tanks with pneumatic pistons and then run directly from the pump throuh the valves

The ‘FIRST’ ruling is now 5 cylinders. Go to FRCtech2002 Yahoo! discussion group for more info.