Pneumatic control module

We are having an issue with your pcm and I think I have pinpointed the problem to that are comp light is not lighting up off of the start. The status light is green but the other light shows nothing any ideas?

Do you have a solenoid initiated in your code? The compressor will be managed automatically, but only if you have at least one solenoid in your code.

Right there

With the robot enabled, try opening the Phoenix Tuner and running a self-check on the PCM. That should tell you whether the roboRIO thinks the compressor is enabled or disabled, and the status of the pressure switch.

I’ve solved it thank you for your help

Glad you figured it out. Can you share your solution so the next person with a similar problem knows how you solved your problem

We actually had to update our pcm module in the Phoenix installer and set the can ID to 0

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