Pneumatic Cost accounting help


I’m putting the last-minute touches on our Bill of Materials, and I’ve realized that i need to account for some more SMC double solenoids that we pulled from other teams old KOPs.

I can’t find the prices of the valves anywhere. I found that the sub base assembly is $8.08 from Motion Industries, but NO ONE seems to have the valve.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I used $41 Chris, found at:

Sort of related, we used some extra Festo valves, and I found the cost information here:

$22.36 each

Nice photos of our 2000 team and our 2003 robot at Manchester there…

I called SMC and they said that the list price at Motion Industries was $61 for the valve and $8 for the base plate.

‘street price’ is perfectly fine as long as all teams can get it for that price. If at team wants to pay full list price they can but discounted prices are fine.

also, I’m doint the Bill of Materials, does anyone know the price of the suction cups from last years KOP or where I could find it??:confused:

The suction cup is $25.10
Part number FC75P.4E.07UF
I found it here:
Be warned that the photo on that site is generic and not the correct one. You can see the real thing and it’s data sheet here: