Pneumatic cylinder

Does anybody have a Clipper SS 1154 “Air Power” Pneumatic Cylinder? Team 1629 (GaCo) is in dire need of one. We can not locate one on the internet. If you have one or know where to get one, Please Help!

I can’t even find it on the clippard website.

-Was it a cylinder (actuator) or an accumulator (tank)?
-If it indeed is a cylinder, what stroke length was it?
-If it is an accumulator, what was its capacity?

This information could help find the product or equivalent products.

Has anyone tested this cylinder?

What is the maximum psi that this would take?
We just started getting into the pneumatics.

Also, does anyone happen to know how to connect the brass pieces to the tubes? Is there some sort of fitting that should be used?



You need to use Push-to-Connect fittings to attach the tubing to the threaded pipe fittings, such as this one.

These parts used to be in the Kit of Parts, but now you’ll have to buy them yourself.