Pneumatic Dump Valve for T-Shirt Launcher

Can anyone recommend a pneumatic dump valve – preferably solenoid controlled – for a T-shirt launcher? We’re looking for lots of air flow and rated for 100-ish PSI.



Our team modified a sprinkler valve. Hardware stores normally have a good selection of these valves—Build-One-That-Shoo/step3/Modding-The-Sprinkler-Valve/

Instead of using a blowoff valve to release the air holding down the diaphram we used a KoP solenoid valve. For about $25 you will have a high flow (about .6in^2) remotely operated valve.

Our team also used a sprinkler valve, but we hooked it up to a relay instead of a solenoid.

Our local hardware store had plenty of 12v sprinkler valves for about $20. Just make sure that you get a 12v valve, as a large number of the valves operate on 24v.

Our team also used a sprinkler valve, but we hooked it up to a relay instead of a solenoid.

If I understand correctly you used the solenoid already attached to the sprinkler valve rather than modifying it?

I think the only difference between the two methods is the time it takes to release the valve. I’ve read the modified sprinkler valve releases up to 10x faster, but I’ve never actually tested one without modifying it.

You could always test the sprinler valve out of the box, and, if your not getting the results you want, go ahead and modify it.

Yes, sorry, wasn’t thinking this morning.

We haven’t had any problems with the speed at which it releases, but experience has told us that our system is relatively inefficient. We have considered improving it, but for our purposes what we have works fine. It takes a good while to get the 5gal tank back up to full after we launch a T-shirt, but we usually can only shoot off about 2-3 t-shirts at a time anyway. The full 5gal tank can shoot one to the back of the stands, one to the middle, and one up front consecutively with no problems.

We’ve had great success with this valve which is engineering for compressed air. A spike relay controlls this 12VDC valve perfectly. Dump is instantanously.

Thanks, all! A mentor brought in a valve – no idea what it was originally used for, but it’s steel and it’s robust as heck and with it we shot a T-shirt 82 feet today. (That’s more than enough distance given the venues in which we will be firing, and it will likely improve as we tweak things anyway.)

Be sure to post pictures and video!