Pneumatic Fitting Quality Issues

Hello! My team is running into quality issues with the Andy Mark Pneumatic fittings. Generally, the fitting wears very quickly and we have to deal with leaks more frequently than wanted. We are trying to find a different seller, but I would like to ask you guys what seller you would recommend.

I found that McMaster sells some through this link:

I also found another seller called Pneuflex:

I have never had any trouble with the fittings from AM.

With push-in fittings It is very important that the tube is cut perfectly straight and you don’t put ant torque or tension on the tubing going into the fitting.

You can also use your voucher to get fittings from Automation Direct.

We have used fittings from McM and they work well.

There are indeed things you need to do, to make sure the fittings work as well as they can, which Sam outlined above.

Also the tube will “wear” over time, eventually you might need to trim a bit off the end and re insert, for a better seal.

Automation Direct is also a quality source for pneumatic fittings and other components. We’ve ordered a lot of fittings from them over the years and always been satisfied. They also have a number of useful components (like check valves) that Andymark does not carry.

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