Pneumatic Fittings Help!

Right now we have 1/4 inch fittings on our pneumatic cylinders and solenoid valves. The rules say our maximum tubing size is 1/8 inch inside diameter. Another team told us that we cannot have 1/4 inch fittings on our solenoid valves, so we ordered new valves. However, my question is: Can we use fittings that scale down from 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch, or are our pneumatic cylinders illegal?

Bad information.

The fittings legal for use in FRC are for 1/4" tubing outside diameter. That’s the tubing that comes in the Kit-of-Parts.
The inside diameter is .16 inch


C. Additional pneumatic tubing, with a maximum 0.160 in. inside diameter, functionally equivalent to that provided in the KOP,

You can use whatever size fitting you want, as long as the tubing size is 1/4" OD.

Regarding the solenoid valve, the rule is that the valve must have ports that are no larger than 1/8" NPT. A 1/8" NPT threaded fitting is actually about 3/8" in diameter. If you’re using a solenoid valve that you got from FIRST Choice or in the Kit of Parts, the valve is almost certainly legal. If you’re not certain, post the part number of the valve and I’ll see if I can look up info to confirm that for you.

The restriction is the inside diameter (0.160 inch) of the tubing, not the outside.