pneumatic fittings size

Can anyone tell me what size the threads/tubing are on the pneumatic fittings?
I want to buy some more push in fittings/tubing and it looks like the ones for sale locally to me (UK) are metric.

Any links to US suppliers willing to ship overseas would be welcome!

Thanks if you can help


the threads are 1/8 inch National Pipe Thread, and 1/4 inch National Pipe Thread

the tubing is 1/4 inch

Thanks Jim

Do you think if I can get some SMC push in fittings I could use them in the competition next year (if I run short of the ones supplied in the kit). Would the inspectors fail my robot because it didn’t have the exact same fittings supplied in the kit?

We didn’t use pneumatics this year but we want to use them next year. I see teams were able to order some bimba cylinders. I guess because we didn’t order them by now we can’t get them. I’ve looked on the Bimba site and there’s no FRC link there now.


I dont know what FIRST will do next year. This year, we did use a few fittings that were left over from last year’s kit, they were the same as the new ones.

OK Thanks.

Our team didn’t seem to get any fittings this year. Were they SMC fittings with red caps? I’ll have to try and get the part number from First. I’m guessing they will use the same ones next year. We have to think well ahead as we can’t get extra parts in time during the build.


The latest revision of the KOP Checklist shows the part numbers for most or all of the fittings, on one of the last pages.

The pneumatic fittings have been more or less the same for, well, forever, in the Kit of Parts. Even though we’ve used pneumatics on at seven of our nine robots, we have tons of left over fittings every year, and we’ve never had to worry about purchasing additional quantities of the parts provided in the KoP. Plus, there’s nothing illegal about using fittings from previous years as they are simply COTS items that aren’t restricted by any other rules.

(Although one fitting that I wish FIRST provided in the KoP are the plastic female-female 1/4" tubing connectors; our team purchased several of them this year.)

Thanks, lets hope we get the chance to use pnuematics in 2008.