Pneumatic Fittings

Last night we came to the realization that no piston fittings came in the KOP like they usually did…so off I went in search for some.

After a couple of hours of CD searching and distributor locating that resulted in dead ends, I finally just Google-searched the part number. Whatdya know, the first link gave me what I needed (woot for Google :smiley: ). So for any of the teams who are new to pneumatics, here’s a bit to save you some frustration. Perhaps this could form into a sticky if enough info gets posted.

Here’s a thread that tells where to get cheap fittings – though you need to email them if you want to get them within a few days rather than a couple of weeks (7-10 days processing + shipping time).

There’s a thread around here that lists all of the part #'s for the fittings that typically come in the KOP. For the life of me I can’t find it…so for now here’s a link to purchase the pneumatic elbows that fit into the smaller pistons:
p/n KQ2L07-34s

Thanks in advance for any extra info that gets posted!

Thanks for posting this! No one answered me before when I posted this topic asking for help!!

Other commonly needed pneumatic parts.

Tee fitting:
Basic Black:

Straight connector:

Flow control valves:
A few variations available here, e.g., you might want to meter the flow into an actuator vs. out of an actuator.
[FONT=Verdana]Last year’s was a: NAS2201F-N01-07S[/FONT]
(This translates to: 1/4" elbow, meter-out, one-touch fitting, NPT, 1/8"port, 1/4" tubing, with seal)

Straight screw fitting:
The screw fittings required differ based on the hole in your cylinder, for example, the Clippard storage tank has a 1/4" NPT port, while a typical actuator might use 1/8", and the Bimba rotary actuator requires a tiny connector.

It looks like your source only stocks the 24V coils (we need 12v) on the SMC solenoids, but you can order them from the catalog:
Last year’s double solenoid was a: SY3240-6H-S
(This translates to SY3000 series, 2-position single action, base mounting, 12VDC, L-type plug connector, surge suppressor)
The single-action solenoid was a: SY3140-6H-S
Each SMC solenoid also rquires a base: [FONT=Arial]SY3000-27-1T

Parker Plug Valve:
Use “locate a distributor”

Nason Pressure Switch:
Call (800) 229-4955 to order part#[FONT=Calibri][size=3]SM-2B-115R/443
Clippard air storage tanks:

1/4" Tubing:

In general,
Look for 1/4" tubing fittings.
Solenoids need to have 12v activating coils.

We keep some pneumatic info on our team website at:
Also the Fluid Power Education Foundation - Pneumatic System education

Here are the Kit suppliers:
Bimba Manufacturing - Special order pneumatic cylinders
Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc - air storage tank
Freelin Wade - Pneumatic tubing (50% off, 888-373-9233)
HPE Automation - Teflon Tape
Lord Corporation - Vibration isolaters
Monnier Corp.- Regulator & bracket
Nason Company - Pressure switch
Norgren Regulator - gauge, relief valve
SMC Pneumatics, Inc.- Pneumatic fittings
Festo - Single-action solenoid
Thomas Industries - Air compressor
Wika Instruments - Pressure gauges
Parker - brass fittings

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