pneumatic kicker

I wanted to know if this code will allow the kicker to extend and automatically retract or do I need to assign a button for it to retract. I doubt that we are using a double solenoid.

The code can be written to do anything you can imagine, including that. Ours does.

I’m not a programmer, so I can’t help there, but I guarantee it can be done.

So if i press button 1 it will shoot out and then immediately go back into its start mode by itself?:confused:

That code will activate the solenoid exactly while the joystick button is pressed. If it’s a single solenoid valve with the pneumatic tubing connected normally, the cylinder it is controlling will move to one end of its travel when the button is pressed (and the robot is enabled, and in teleop, and the “seek target” button is not also pressed), and it will return to the other end when the button is released.