Pneumatic Parts

Hi, this is the JAMD (Jewish academy of metro detroit) team, and we believe that we are missing the 12 volt automotive relay and socket.

The instructions say that the realy is supposed to be inside of the control box, taped down with velcro, but we are having trouble finding it. Could you also send us a picture of ti with your reply. Please help as soon as possible, thanks,

The JAMD team.

The relay is pictured in fig.33, page 37 of the updated Part II of the How-To manual. We were not able to velcro them down for the teams since we didn’t have them in time before kickoff, but all you need to do is find a clear spot on the bottom of your plastic control box and velcro-tape them down. The manual explains the wire color code…etc. All teams should have received the updated manuals a week after kick-off (the CD we gave you at kickoff didn’t have any of the late-arriving parts) If your team did not get the file I attached with the mass e-mailing, send me the e-mail address of somebody on your team who’s using not using a Mac and I’ll resend you the update to the manual. I can be reached at: [email protected].

We cannot find the 12 volt automotive connector, where can we get a new one?


The JAMD team.