Pneumatic parts

Posted by Patrick Dingle at 1/16/2001 10:31 PM EST

Other on team #639, Red B^2, from Ithaca High School and Cornell University.

I am having some difficulty finding the rules on ordering additional pneumatics. Could someone clarify:
(a) If there is a limit on the number of pneumatic cylinders that can be used
(b) If and how we can order additional pneumatic parts, and any rules associated with doing so

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If this is in the rulebook, please just give me the the rule # and please don’t retype it all. I have spent more time than I care to looking for info on this.


Posted by Mark Garver at 1/16/2001 10:40 PM EST

Student on team #68, Truck Town Terror, from Waterford Kettering/OSMTech Academy and General Motors Truck Group.

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Posted by Patrick Dingle on 1/16/2001 10:31 PM EST:

The best thing I can tell you is find your local SMC dealer and they will have everything you need. Including a VHS video for FIRST about the system. You are allowed 6 cylinders on your robot, but you can buy as many as you want to test them. There was a list of parts that came with the Kit. On that list is an additional list of what cylinders you can buy (bore/lenght). I hope this answers your question

Posted by Josh Vetter at 1/16/2001 10:48 PM EST

Student on team #548, Robostangs, from Northville High School and BOSCH.

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Posted by Mark Garver on 1/16/2001 10:40 PM EST:

Actually the additional four cylinders can be ordered for free via the order form in the pneumatics book. Depending on the number of cylinders ordered, FIRST has said we may get additional ones, but still only six can bo on the robot.