Pneumatic piston and buttons.

It’s our first year looking into pneumatics and I have a few questions. We are able to run our compressor and fire the piston while using the solenoid and compressor example and I’ve started looking into running it in our

I’ve managed to set up the main code so that it starts the compressor running, but I’ve been unable to get a button on the Attack 3 Joystick to activated the pneumatic piston. I’ve attached a screenshot of our teleop code. Is there anything we’re missing to activated the solenoid with a press of the button?

Looks fine.

Check the Driver Station Setup tab to be sure the joystick you’re using is listed as #3.

Is the corresponding Solenoid Module LED coming on when you pull the trigger?

You could also check if you misspelled your refnum’s.

Thanks for the help everyone. It was the combination of a bad wire and and extra a in the refnum in our begin vi.

Thanks everyone!