Pneumatic pivot mount

Got our first choice round 2 today. I understand pneumatics are sacred, but wasn’t sure if that included removing this tiny axle. It seems in firm, but does it press out? If it does, is that legal?

Our team has removed them in the past and it has never been an issue. The little axles are hard to press out but make a great pivot points for systems.

R76 D says that’s OK.

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I’d like to use them as a pivot point, but they are smaller than the diameter of the cylinder, so it might be a little more of a challenge. Maybe two small pieces of angle with holes drilled and thenground down to allow full range of travel around them.

Thanks! Should’ve gone back and reread.

There are standard pivot brackets made from steel that fit the pivot pin. You screw one down on either side. There may be some in the pneumatic fitting kits sold by AndyMark.

They were included with the cylinders we got from First Choice.

In the past, we’ve almost always removed the pin, and used a 1/4" bolt to support the end of the cylinder. YMMV.

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I remember my rookie year when we misread the rule and cut the whole end of the cylinder off.


After reading our packing slip, I now see that these are still backordered. Explains why we got our order so late.

This, our team in the past has sourced pistons from mcmaster, and when mounting, we almost always use bolts to secure the pivot point in place. It typically ends up being a metric bolt, with spacers on either end of the piston.

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This is what our plan was before we realized the pin was there