Pneumatic Pressure Gauges and Relief Valve?

My team finally had a chance to charge the pneumatic system yesterday. We were losing air fast.

They tried using soapy water, but did not find anything.

When I arrived and was told about the issue, my first action was to look at the connections and retape and tighten them down properly. The second action was to verify that the tubes were cut straight.

We are still losing air fast, but it seemed to settle around 20psi on both gauges. I’m wondering if we need to adjust the pressure gauge and/or relief valve. If so, do we do both? If we do both, is there a particular order to do them in?


Is your regulator properly? It sounds like you may have set it up backwards.

Not sure. I’ll double check this tonight when I go.

Team 6008 fired up their pneumatics last night and noticed something similar. Their pressure relief valve seemed to be relieving itself a bit too easily.

The rules do allow teams to calibrate their pressure relief valves as “they may not have been correctly calibrated at the factory” (or similar words).

That may be part of the problem you are seeing.