Pneumatic Programming Noob

When I wire numeric constant and string constant into the Solenoid Channel and Solenoid Module it won’t work. What should I do?

Start with a new Solenoid Open.

Hover over the input node for Solenoid Channel and choose Create -> Constant from the pop-up menu. Then use the hand cursor to switch to the channel you want.

Leave the Solenoid Module along (default) unless you have more than a single PCM. For additional PCM’s assign the Solenoid Module using Create -> Constant as above.

I have seen teams having problems with the CAN Device ID of the PCM being incorrect, causing the default for Solenoid not to match the PCM’s actual device ID. To fix this, go to http://roborio-7019-frc.local/ in a browser while connected to the robot, and that should take you to the web interface if Silverlight behaves. This only works in some browsers, but Chrome is the only one I know of that insists on connecting to the Internet before opening a URL, typically.

Once you’re in the web interface, things are easy to learn and pretty explanatory.

I wouldn’t expect Chrome to open that at all. IE and Firefox are the two that I know of that work with Silverlight still. Edge and Chrome don’t have support.