Pneumatic system location

Hey, there! I was wondering if there were any specifications as to where the pneumatic system must be located, I didn’t find anything in the manual nor in the pneumatics manual so I just wanted to see if anybody else knew.

Wherever works. I like to put the compressor low if feasible to lower the CoG of the robot.
Note that unlike last year, the compressor must be onboard the robot.

I suggest that you read the pneumatics rules thoroughly (R81 through R94) before you do any layout, and again after you have the system built but before you power the system. The pneumatics rules are all about safety; don’t skip them during prototyping.


Make sure you look at R90, R91, and R93 - there are some locations mentioned in there for certain components.

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The short version is “on the robot”.

See those rules mentioned. However, in general pneumatics are generally insensitive to mounting orientation and location, so locate them for your convenience.

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