Pneumatic Tank Sizes

So my team recently added several new pneumatic systems to our robot and in turn, we need more tanks. Space is limited this year on the robot so we were wondering, is it possible to use several tanks that are shorter that the normal black, Clippard tanks? I’ve looked through the manual and nothing seems to prohibit the use of smaller tanks but I want to be sure before we put them on the robot.

Thank you so much for the help!

Assuming they are rated for at least 120 psi, you can use whatever size tanks you want.(just not the old white clippard tanks)

Clippard sells a variety of tanks besides the plastic ones. Even the smaller metal tanks will be heavier than the plastic ones, so keep an eye on how much weight you are adding if that is a concern.

All those tanks will take a long time to fill, so precharging the system before a match will be important. If you don’t need quite as much force from some of your actuators, you can conserve air by reducing the pressure setting on your main regulator or by adding a second regulator set at a lower pressure downstream of the main regulator. This reduces the load on the compressor and may mean you need less storage.

If the regulator(s) cannot pass air quickly enough for some of your actuators, adding a small tank after the regulator(s) provides a reserve of working pressure air that can be delivered very quickly.

You might want to think “electrically” when adding your tanks. Tubing and fittings act as resistors so simply putting more tanks in series may not improve your pneumatic response.

As long as the tank is rated for 120 psi, and isn’t the white Clippard tank, any size tank is allowed. We use this tank on our robot this year, and it’s been very nice.

Absolutely, I’ve been looking at using these since they have their ratings marked right on them.

Make sure you leave the filters in place. Pneumatics must remain pristine from the manufacturer. :smiley: