Pneumatic/Vacuum Artificial Muscle?

A while ago, I saw a video of a soft robotics claw and immediatly wondered if it would be legal in FRC and if it would be possible to literally flex on other robots (graciously, as one does). I quickly dismissed the idea because I believed that these pneumatic muscles wouldn’t be legal since they wouldn’t be capable of holding the required 70psi.

I have at least two questions:

1. Are there any COTS pneumatic muscles rated for 70psi?

2. Would vacuum muscles, meaning muscles that are contracted at atmospheric pressure, be a viable alternative? (I thought I had a giga-genius idea for a minute, but, as usual, they already exist.)

Edit: I missed R802-B

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If it’s downstream of the pressure regulator, it only needs to be rated for 70psi

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Festo sells these, which are rated up to 6 or 8 bar (87-117 psi) depending on size selected: Fluidic muscle DMSP (

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