Pneumatic Wheel Review

Hey Teams!

My team is debating on what kind of wheels we should use for the competition and the discussion of pneumatic wheels came up.

We don’t have much knowledge on these wheels, so I was wondering if anyone would be willing to post their thoughts or reactions from their prior experiences.

A few questions came up in our brainstorming:
Do they turn well?
Do they need to be re-filled with air periodically (can you get a flat tire)?
Are they more beneficial than traction wheels (with little rubber teeth)?

If you have any photos or videos, please post as well.


-If implemented correctly
-Yes (inner-tubes can pop)
-Yes: for impact absorption, adaptability and traction purposes.

Practice match of our 8 wheel pneumatic wheel drive:
Shows a bit of bouncing on turns, a bit of inability to turn, and us pushing a so called “unpushable” robot.

Prototype wheel positions on the kit frame, and you can build a drive that you will be very happy with.

It’s nearly a necessity to have a two-speed drive train with pneumatic wheels.