Pneumatic wheel supplier

I am looking for 6" diameter pneumatic wheels. If anyone knows where to get them it would be great. Also any other pneumatic wheel suppliers would be great.

skyway wheels
Let them know you are a FIRST team and go get a great discount.
They have just about every wheel you could want and make it any way you want

I don’t think Skyway sells 6" pneumatic wheels. As somebody who searched long and hard for 6" pneumatic wheels last year I think you’re going to have a hard time finding some. Do searches to try and find some old links but in general I think the smallest I could find were 7" wheels and they were outdoor skateboard wheels(not the exact name.) They were according to some trustworthy reviews to be pretty good, but they aren’t 6". Maybe things have changed in a year, but i’d start looking at some other options while you hunt.

6" pneumatics are really hard to come buy. 8" is a lot more common, Robot Market Place has a good selection of battle bot proven wheels. But you may want to search for some golf cart or cart wheel suppliers. Thats the next place I would search, or even Go-Cart wheels. Yeah, Go-Cart wheels may bring something up.

on the contrary, they do sell a 6 inch.
It is the second item down. Do not let the name throw you off because there is a tire on the rim.( you have to read the description)

Skyway sells a 6" (it may be 6.75". I can never remember) pneumatic wheel. It’s different from the one linked above, in that it has hubs which you can mount sprockets to, and it has a knobby tread. I believe you can only get them by asking for the FIRST order form. We’ve used them on Team 100 since 2002 and they’ve worked pretty well.

How can I get that order form. Also how wide are the wheels and how much do they cost?

Call Skyway and ask them to fax the FIRST order form. The number is on their site.

To purchase additional wheels at exclusive, very low prices please call Skyway at 1-800-332-3357. Please have a fax number ready so we can send you the order form and other details.

I’ve found a few more sites that sell 6" pneumatic tires.

These were the first three results of a Google search. Maybe you could find better deals by looking through the results a bit.

Good luck.

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