Pneumatic Wheels & Omnis

My team is planning on using the standard 8" pneumatic wheel upgrade kit for the KOP chassis. I’m worried about not being able to easily and quickly turn, due to the drop center only being 1/8", and the pneumatic wheels squishing and evening out that drop. I’ve heard that the best solution for this is to replace the front wheels with omnis. However, I’m also concerned about this compromising the durability of our drivetrain while full sending through the rendezvous, which is the whole reason we are using pneumatic wheels in the first place. Would it be possible to put the omnis in the back? Is this a bad idea? Also, what would we need in order to replace the wheels with omnis?

In our experience, omnis have gotten more and more robust over the years. To be safe you could always put them on the back of your drive train.

You can at least mitigate the issue with all-pneumatics by having a greater pressure in the center wheels and lower on the corner. This worked well with the pre-2018 version of the 3946 air cannon, built on a nanotube chassis with a similar length and drop center.

We did this last year with 6” pneumatic wheels amd omnis and it worked well. If your mechanism shift the center of gravity to the pneumatic wheels when driving and to the omnis when ‘aligning’ it works even better. A small shift is all it takes.

We did 8" WCP omnis with the 8" pneumatics last season for champs and off season events. The omnis held up fine going over the cargo depot bars (similar to the BOUNDARY bars this year).