pneumatic wheels? team 1946

Dear frineds
I didn’t find any related topic so I’m writing the questions in this section.
My question is if we:

  1. Can I use the gear box from FRC2007 gearbox for BBMNT-BOT.
  2. Can I use pneumatic wheels.
    By the name of team 1946’ I am the monitor of the team
    Mohamed – monitor

Hi Mohamed,
What’s up?
I am not a 100% sure, but i think the answer to both your question will be possitive.

The BaneBots gears are still available for order, they are less then the price limit.

Anyway, for every part that you want to know if it i usable, there is a chart you can easily follow in the end of “The Robot” part of the official FRC document.

  1. If they are commercially available, yes. Otherwise, no. See Section 8, <R36> and <R35>. Also the Parts Use Flowchart at the end. (And someone asked this already. Search is in the orange bar at the top.)

  2. Yes. They need to be COTS.

Hi There,

I’m assuming by “BBMNT-BOT” that you are referring to your robot for this year’s game.

This question was asked in another thread, and it was pointed out that in order to use the 2007 tranny it would still have to be a “commercial, off-the-shelf” product. In other words, something that anyone could buy.

Banebots still sells a transmission similar to the '07 56mm gearbox, but it has been upgraded and is not the same. In the past AndyMark has kept their “old” transmissions available for sale even as they have replaced them with new ones so that the “old” ones would still be “COTS” (commercial off-the-shelf). Perhaps Banebots might do the same… or the GDC could rule that the 2007 tranny and the new C8 tranny from Banebots are significantly the same. But here, I’m just hypothesizing.

The real answer to the question is that it is one that should go to the Q&A forums to get a definitive answer. Advice and opinions expressed on Chief Delphi are worth exactly what you pay for them when it comes to passing tech inspection… absolutely nothing! Make sure you post your question to the Q&A forum… you aren’t the only team asking this question, but you can’t count on someone else asking for you.

Hopefully the GDC will allow the old trannies to be used, although last year they did not allow the '06 and '05 KOP transmissions to be used as they were no longer commercially available… but until you hear a clear answer from GDC, don’t count on anything.


Hi Jason!
we asking because we have them we wont to use our finance to the mision.

I try to ask Q&A forum still not activ
thanks any way

Hi Erich!
as usual you are helpful
thank you
team 1946

You can also use the Toughboxes (in the kit). For the BaneBots, you’d still need to count the cost in your budget. See the cost accounting rules.