Pneumatic wiring diagram/help

We are having trouble finding a wiring diagram to hook up our Vesto 24V double solenoid. (The sad part is we did it last year and can’t remember)

Can anyone give us a hand as to where to plug it into and/or where we could go to find a diagram.

Also we are in need of some advice for the pressure switch electrical hook ups as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Did you check the products data sheet to see which terminal is which?

For the solenoids, all you need to do is plug in the wires to the solenoid breakout on the cRIO. They should have 2 wires, a negative and a signal wire. The diagram on the solenoid breakout cover will show you which way to plug in the wire. Then, you’ve got the program them.

For the digital pressure switch, you have to cut a PWM wire and plug it into the DIO ports on the sidecar.

On a related note, is it legal to ground solenoids - side straight to a ground on the PDB and run two solenoids (or one double solenoid) off a Spike relay?

Thanks for the help. We lost all the paper work that came with the solenoid. Would anyone out there be willing to send us a pic of the code to program this into Labview. Using a double solenoid 24v Vesto switch. Thanks again for helping a rookie out!


^^ this link was INCREDIBLY helpful for us! We’re rookies in pneumatics too:)