Pneumatics Air Compressors and Such

Ok i have been a FTC programmer for the last 2 years and i will be doing FRC this year i understand servos and motors and all that fun stuff but…i have no idea how to work air compressors with LabVIEW at all any help?

The examples that come with LabVIEW for FRC include one that shows how to control the air compressor. It’s straightforward and you should have no problem understanding it.

To amplify Alan’s comments, it is easy.

The compressor is either on or off, nothing in-between. You control it according to a “switch” that goes to a digital input. If the switch is “on” the compressor is off, and if it’s “off” the compressor is on.

Easy enough, right? Be sure to read the rules when they come out though.

To actually control a pneumatic piston or something, you turn the “solenoid driver” output on or off. Again, quite simple. The design group will tell you what has to happen to turn “solenoid number X” on, or off.

The rest is the mechanical team’s problem.:rolleyes:

hahaa this is great thanks guys