Pneumatics Board/Mounting Components

We’ve gotten to the point where its time to build our pneumatics board and mount all of our pneumatic componenets. This task has been taken up by the student team I’m leading, as no one else on the team has much experience with pneumatic systems.

I was looking for suggestions about building the pneumatics board. I’ve noticed that very few of the components apprear to have pre-existing mounting hardware, besides the actual cylinders and the compressor. I’d like to get a pretty clean look with recessed gauges and valves, but my solution thus far has been wrapping them with zip-ties (which I’m sure would work, though perhaps not the most elegant solution). I’m currently leaning towards using 1/8 or 1/16 lexan (pretty much whatever we have around), as thats what the hardware team is using to mount all the electronic components. It would also be great to have any tips you can provide about tube routing, and management.

Any advise or tips you can provide would be great. Thanks.

We usually connect the pneumatic circuit, using the hard fittings between components when possible, and then drill holes in a lexan piece and use small zip-ties.

Do all of your leak checks first, then mount the components.

For example, you can start with a T connector with the electric pressure switch, then use a short threaded coupling, then another T connector with a 120 psi gage, then another short threaded coupling, then another T with the regulator, and so on. Use a connector for the tube fittings at the two ends.

It makes for a combination of components that can be mounted in a solid location.

I will see if I can get a photo tomorrow.

Im making my P-Board today , ive got all 4 tanks connected together with hard fittings . Im mounting it all in lexan , im not sure the thickness , and the main ( white) pressure gauge is hooked up by the tanks. we have 4 solenoids the 2 regulaters , 2 solenoids are running at 30 and 2 are running at the full 60.

Im using zip ties by the way.