pneumatics coding problem (or technical)

Isn’t p1_sw_aux1 and p1_sw_aux2 the two buttons on the joy stick under the joy stick wheel?

But then why doesn’t our code work?

We are using a double solenoid valve to control a cylinder; relay 1 (a spike) is connected to one end of the valve and relay 2(another spike) is connected to the other end of the valve (right? )

So the code goes:

relay1_fwd = p1_sw_aux1;
relay1_rev = 0;
relay2_fwd = p1_sw_aux2;
relay2_rev = 0;

The problem is that the spikes were orange while the circuit breaker was green. The pressure was all right for the cylinder to move (manually) but the joy stick control didn’t seem to work at all…

One more thing, our pressure switch won’t turn off when the pressure reaches 115 psi, when our code was “relay8_fwd = rc_dig_in18”
But when the code was “relay8_fwd = !rc_dig_in18”, there was no pressure in the compressor!! What the…is going on???

What’s wrong guys? NEED HELP!!!

First of all, what do you mean by buttons under the wheel. If you’re using the joysticks from KOP then, I think, the aux buttons are on the top of the joystick on both sides of the small black joystick.

Then the way to check, see if your spike LED goes green, when you press the button. Then if should activate your silenoid valves if they are wired correctly.

Refer to these:

Yes, those are the two small buttons on either side of the joystick “hat”.

Your code looks okay, though I’m not sure why you’re using two separate Spikes instead of the two halves of a single Spike. I assume you have the wiring correct. Since the Spike LEDs remain orange, I would look at where the pwm cables are plugged in to the Spike. We’ve had such trouble this year trying to get the cables to make a good, consistent connection.

You’ll have to do that later, of course. Now, just relax, right?