Pneumatics in 2009

Are pneumatics rams allowed in Lunacy?

What do you mean by a pneumatic ram? If you mean a pneumatic cylinder then I believe they are allowed. If you mean a pneumatic cylinder used to push off another robot or the field walls I don’t believe so, but you should ask the Q&A.

Yeah really it depends on what for…
Being the Pneumatics Head on my team I have been looking for a place to use it but aren’t finding much yet…

I wish they would come out with some rule updates because we have questions on trailer gaurding and covering as well as pushing off of walls…

Why wouldn’t a robot be allowed to push off the arena or another robot, so long as the robot to robot contact was within the bumper zone. Seems to me this would be permitted by rules G29 and G32. gives information about why or why not pushing off robots is a problem.

Pushing off the floor would be illegal as it could be considered a traction device.

The walls are also unlikely to be allowed. Also the pushing would have to be done within the limits of size (28x38). The robot is not allowed to exced that dimension at anytime.

Walls are allowed, it’s just the size.

Seeing as nothing is aloud to cross over your bumper zone. If you move the bumpers out would that change the bumper zone location?

I don’t know. Ask Q&A. (Though you might want to use “perimeter” instead of “zone”, as they are two completely different things according to the manual. You’re asking about the bumper perimeter.)

Personally, I would say that expanding your bumpers would not expand the bumper perimeter, and doing that would also mean that they weren’t mounted in a fixed position, rendering them illegal under <R08>.

Ok. Good point.

How would you push off of a wall or robot while still in the bumpers’ limit?

For example, a team could start with a small robot, expanding to the size limitation by means of pneumatics.
Just as an example.
There are lots of rules you have to follow to accomplish this, & I am not suggesting by simply doing that, you are perfectly legal, but that is just one idea.