Pneumatics Irregularity

We have pneumatic kicker on the robot. The problem is that it does not always kick the full distance. It goes back and forth on if it will actually kick the ball. One time we kick and it works, the next time it only fires half way.

We have removed the ball and watched it do the same thing. There is no change in the pressure from where it normally is. We have allowed time so that the pressure is at maximum, but we still see major problems.

We have replumbed the system in hopes of finding/ corrrecting a leak.
We have tested all of the solenoids separately to see if there is a problem with one of them.

We don’t know where to look past that.

If anyone has any suggestions of what to try next, they would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Does it do the same thing when you manually activate the solenoid, or only when the solenoid is software controlled?

If you are using the solenoid module on the Crio, watch the LEDs on the module and see if they are staying on the same length of time during every kick. If you are using a Spike, watch the LED on the Spike to check the action. My first reaction was “oh, you’rer using all your volume on the first kick”. But there are a few other threads on CD that relate to program run and watchdog that seem play havoc with the pneumatics. That may also be your problem.

How does your code trigger the solenoid?

Code could account for this if, for instance, it turns the solenoid on and off rapidly while a button is pushed, rather than once only. That’s a common coding error.

Are you using one double action solenoid for the cylinder? It sounds to me like you are using two solenoids and they are trying to fight each other. Also make sure that the exhaust ports on your solenoids aren’t blocked you might have still have pressure in the other side of your cylinder.