Pneumatics not Functioning in Auto

My team is having an issue where our pneumatics are not working at all in auto. They work great during teleop and we are doing it basically the same way as teleop. The right auto file that we are trying it on is realAuto on our GitHub.

Heres also a sample of our code:


import edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.DoubleSolenoid;
import edu.wpi.first.wpilibj2.command.CommandBase;
import frc.robot.subsystems.Pneumatics;
import frc.robot.Constants;
import frc.robot.subsystems.Arm;
import frc.robot.subsystems.Elevator;
import frc.robot.subsystems.Tank;

public class realAuto extends CommandBase {

    private Elevator elevator;
    private Arm arm;
    private Tank tank;
    private Pneumatics pneumatics;

    public realAuto(Elevator s_Elevator, Arm s_Arm, Tank s_Tank, Pneumatics s_Pneumatics) {
        this.elevator = s_Elevator;
        this.arm = s_Arm;
        this.tank = s_Tank;
        this.pneumatics = s_Pneumatics;
    private boolean run = true;
    public void execute() {
        if (!run) return;
        run = false;
        try {
            //lower later
            // Thread.sleep(1000L);
            // arm.setMotors(0.5);
            // Thread.sleep(500L);
            // arm.setMotors(0);
            // Thread.sleep(100);
            // Thread.sleep(500L);
        } catch (Exception e){


    public void end(boolean interrupted) {

This command does not list any of the subystems in the addRequirements(). Do the subsystems have default commands that may be overriding what this command is intended to do? We’ve run into this a time or two or three.

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